title | “Cut”

price | 150

approximate length | 5:00

commission for | SATB, 

theme | Based on my journey through gender transition, and for all who have overcome challenges to find beauty

style | Sharp opening, then aleatoric sound, with the use of “space” morphing and overtones.

what you get | PDF of score; midi rehearsal tracks; Live session with composer; pre-recorded panel video; monthly Zoom mixer for choir directors of project

score delivered | 8/15/21

difficulty | moderate

instruments | unaccompanied 

lyricist | Euan Tait

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Comparisons | Most Like this Style: (some similarities) “So it was I”

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Songs for this Voicing | “Nigra Sum”

lyrics |


Your word cut to the deep of my hurt; My worth shattered. I staggered down This once familiar street, the street Of my growing, my loving
And sudden I did not know it;

But I can see into the beauty
The beauty of what you are,
I saw the colours of your souls,
Glittering like a rainbow of stars,

And suddenly, the beauty of love shines from you, heals me; The reassurance, the gentleness, lightness of your touch on my arm:

I know again I am beautiful.