The Radium Girl


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    The Radium Girl is based on the tragic story of the "Radium Girls." These young women worked in clock factories, using radium to paint glow-in-the-dark numbers on the clocks. It was detail work, and as many painters do, they would lick their brushes every so often to keep the bristles smooth. The exposure to a highly toxic substance caused all sorts of problems. One of the worst was that the soft tissue in their mouths and gums would begin to deteriorate, sometimes to the point of losing their lips, tongues, or part of their cheeks. These conditions were associated with two things: leprosy or syphilis. Since most of the workers were young, unmarried women, their reputations maligned by the watch company. To protect their finances and reputation, “syphilis” was printed as the cause of death on these young women’s death certificates. Even today, their families are fighting this "cause of death" because it was to cover up liability, impugning the integrity of their loved ones. One of the most incredible parts to this sad story is that when the girls walked home from the factory after dark, their bodies would literally glow. relevancy: Our intent is to give light to these women and their tragic stories through the power of song. This story is still relevant today. It’s not just women who are working under hellish conditions: children and men are, too. But women are always part of the equation when workers are exploited, and they often have fewer protections than children or men. This song shines a light on women’s rights and women’s voices, in particular, the radium girls’ voices.

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