The Road That Has No End


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    SATB with Piano

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    "“The Road That Has No end” begins with a lone, solitary voice. We are all ultimately on our own distinct Road. People will come into our lives, and possibly stay by our side for a time with no end. Our “here”, even when standing next to someone for a very long time, is influenced by our past and our unique perceptions of the present. Our “here” is rare and extraordinary. Our “here” will evolve and metamorphose through time, as we travel down the “Road that has no end”. Ultimately, with all the “fierce winds"" and “cool breezes"" we experience on our journey, it is a my deepest wish that your Road transcends “pains and toils"", and that it brings you peace and joy in how it has arrived to your “here” in our presence. "

  • Lyricist

    Jospeh Burrows

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