When All Falls Silent

title: “When All Falls Silent”

themes: Peace, solitude, quiet, spiritual silence, stillness, connection, longing, togetherness; now that our voices are silenced and the world has gone into isolation and solitude, what can one hear in that time of quiet?

commission for: SATB, TTBB divisi

what you get: PDF of score; midi rehearsal tracks; Live session with composer; pre-recorded panel video; monthly Zoom mixer for choir directors of project

score delivered: 8/15/21

difficulty: moderate

approximate length: 5:00

instruments: unaccompanied 

lyricist: Charles Anthony Silvestri

to declare interest, go to: https://forms.gle/zWyAHFzM585xxHUZA

TO JOIN: https://consortio.io/mbqstudio/when-all-falls-silent


When all falls silent,
And the breath of life
Flows from the source
And calms the stormy sea,

My heart-song,
Always sung but seldom heard,
Rises from the mist,
Calling, calling…

Then, slowly,
I turn my gaze,
Drawn toward beauty
And the song’s amber light;

I open my soul,
And I am at peace,
I am in harmony,
Listening, listening…


-Charles Anthony Silvestri