Buufis commission

delivery date | January 2021

price | 300

style | Unaccompanied with aleatoric, morphing of sounds and colors

structure | Consortium

to be featured in upcoming large choral work  | Refugee Mass

about | The loss of time for refugees in refugee camps, between the transient present & the promise of a fading future.

lyricist | Euan Tait

accompaniment | Unaccompanied

ages and voicings | SATB

to express interest | CLICK HERE

TO JOIN | https://consortio.io/mbqstudio/buufis-a-child-cries-into-the-wind

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Songs with this Lyricist | “So it was I”

Songs for this Voicing | “Nigra Sum” https://soundcloud.com/michael-bussewitz-quarm/nigra-sum-michael-bussewitz-quarm-2017


A child cries into the wind:
‘Now I wait; I cannot bear 
longing that turns my blood
to molten lead.  I am absent here;
I am nowhere.
‘Stranger voices from far away
spit sulphur threats from mouths
of nameless fire.  Sleepless I watch
for hate to come, smear the burnt soul
of the broken land.’
A child cries into the wind:
‘In the comfortless lap of the world
I sing.’