I am thrilled to announce my new collaboration with Tony Silvestri: peacebomb.

peacebomb has been inspired by the story of the Laotian families who once made spoons from the metal of unexploded ordnance (UXO), and now make jewelry from these bombs. As I learned more about this powerful story, I felt it deep in my heart. I wanted more than ever to tell this story through song.

A long held wish of mine has been to work with Tony, and how humbling it’s been to learn that Tony has wanted to work with me!


peacebomb | 2021-2022

number of choirs | 20, up to 50, one choir per state, state premieres exclusive for the 2019-2020 season

price | 600

lyrics | by Charles Anthony Silvestri

style | Aleatoric and distant opening; Haunting middle; Bold and Exclamatory ending. For Midi Midi Realization (cello part, percussion still to be complete):

accompaniment | piano + cello + percussion

voicing | SATB divisi

difficulty | medium-advanced

length | 11 minutes

receive | reproducible PDF of score and 2 Skypehearsal sessions; choir printed on inside cover of score

scores ready | September 17, 2021 (preview possible at any time)

exclusive window for State Premieres | 9 months (through September of 2021)

fee | $600 (+ platform fee, which is 7%). Due by 9/17/21

* 10% of each commission fee will be donated to MAG, to continue the clearing of UXO in Laos villages and the countryside

lyrics |

Bomb. Mine. Shell. Bullet.
Hellfire rain;
An orgy of ordnance.
Fields sown with seeds of death,
A dark harvest
Exploding underfoot.

Pieces of another time,
Stories of shattered lives
Melted, twisted,
Told in shards,
In fragments of a forgotten war;
But we must not forget.

For peace too can be waged,
With targeted trust,
Strategic acts of love,
And incendiary transformation!
These shards become the seeds of peace;
The harvest is dignity, is memory,
And reconciliation.
Let peace rain down like bombs,
And watch the earth explode with beauty!