title | Touch 

cost | 200

approximate length |  4:00

commission for | SSAA some divisi

style |  Tender, loving, nurturing, tonal

reading by the poet |

themes | Singing returns, music making as a bodily act, underlying power of tenderness, vulnerability

what you get | PDF of score; Live session with composer; pre-recorded panel video; monthly Zoom mixer for choir directors of project

score delivered | August 16, 2021

difficulty | Moderate

instruments |  unaccompanied

lyricist | Euan Tait

advisors | Alison Litvack

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Comparisons | Most Like this Style |  “So it was I”

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Songs for this Voicing | “I’m Not Lost”

lyrics |

TOUCH                    EUAN TAIT

Mother, I visited you

in my dreams.  You,

angry angel, your robe

shifting off your shoulder.


“Don’t fuss me!” old power

and love, that raised me

from the ground

when I fell and bled.


And now, deep night

as we both sleep.

No give-up weakness

in the tender touch


I offer: replacing a strand

of bright hair,

blown free

in the wind,


caressing an old wound

on your hand, a break,

as it again began

to ache like fear.


But I am here,

And I reach you.

The night is flowing,

And I am here.